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la chirin, que me acompañará... arriba del lhotse, ♪ impresionante la nevada, yo creo que nunca... vi nevar así en principio hoy teníamos que subir hacia el campo uno, pero ha parecido.... un día como véis, con una nevada tremenda entonces... está claro que no vamos a... a subir. ♪ pues ahí está mi tienda, enterrada en la nieve, está cayendo... pues en unas 15 horas que lleva nevando, estaremos unos 70 centímetros ya aproximadamente, y no tiene pinta de parar. día 19 como véis, la nevada continúa, y... incluso se asentuó por la noche y estamos cerca ya del metro de nieve y estamos aquí parados aislados, en el campo base. hay mucha gente que sicológicamente no soporta estar en un campo base mucho tiempo le vence la montaña, antes ni siquera de empezar a los campamentos de altura, y se da la vuelta y se marcha. más o menos estás una semana aclimatándote, adaptando tu cuerpo a esta falta de oxígeno, y sobre todo estamos adaptándonos a la... que tenemos, de enfrentarnos a lo que tenemos delante. ♪ día 20, por fin paró de nevar, y ha salido un día hermoso con...
, nevada, high of 41. we broke record high temperatures yesterday in southern california, so a total opposite of what areas in northern plains are seeing. >> must be nice. thanks so much. >>> straight ahead, we'll take you to israel where benjamin netanyahu is hoping to be re-elected as prime minister today. >>> a woman faints and fails to the rescue. the dramatic rescue when "early today" returns in two minutes. >>> welcome back to "early today." elections are being held in israel today to determine if prime minister benjamin netanyahu will win a third term in office. nbc's jim maceda is in tel aviv. jim, good morning. now, prime minister's netanyahu's coalition government may be weaker after today's voting. will that change israel's policies? >> reporter: good morning, mara. the latest polling showed even though netanyahu's party is about to lose eight to ten seats in the parliament, he'll still make it a comfortable win today. the policies going forward, that will be largely shaped by the coalition he forms to govern with and that horse trading will start in earnest probably as ea
the university of nevada in reno. but he is a diehard patriots' fan but is happy this time it is the 49ers and cap -- kaepernick is going to the super bowl. >> many have been sharing 49ers pride. this is a picture of juan and his brothers celebrating the 49ers championship win in korea! and younger 49er faithful. you can send your fan photos to us at in cathy they are fans! we will follow the 49ers to new orleans for the big game. you can look for live reports next week. >> why not? >> police officer shot with new detail on the search for the suspect who opened fire on an undercover cop. >> the bay area news event could >> the bay area news event could let's play: [ all ] who's new in the fridge! our mystery guest: ensure complete... you support bones? [ ding! ] i've got calcium and vitamin d. oh! immune system. [ ding! ] one word: antioxidants. heart health? [ ding! ] my omega 3s never skip a beat. how 'bout muscles? [ ding! ] i have protein and revigor to protect, preserve, and promote muscle health. [ ding! ding! ding! ] that's a winner! ensure complete! [ fe
for the university of nevada. adrian's customer base as you can imagine has grown with every 49,' win. >> i was pretty surprised -- i was amazed by it because i didn't really -- expect it's going to be this big you know? >> afree january says he's fully aware the not guilty of this won't last forever but for now he's cashing in. >> i don't know, colin is going to be around for a long time i have a feeling. >>> there are fans and then there are fans. this is the 49ers' man cave all part of matt barrett's home up in san francisco -- actually roseville. it's got all the trappings and even pieces of candlestick park. >> i mean in the stadium they mean a lot especially because the stadium has one more season left and it's going to be gone. partly destroy asked thrown away. -- destroyed and thrown away. >> he worked at the park a few years ago. >>> big and juicy, fresh grocer tony tan till low says check out heirlooms. >> i know it's wintertime. what are we doing with tomatoes? this is a summertime item but you know what? some are being imported in and some a
ohio estudiantes de varias escuelas tuvieron que quedarse en casa por las fuertes nevadas algunos autopistas en nueva york y pennsylvania se encuentran cubiertas de nieve afectando a decenas de miles de conductores. >> bueno, segÚn un estudio el nÚmero de casos de nifrnsz que tienen niÑos que tienen dÉficit atencion atencional, las cifras no son nada de alentadora entre los niÑos hispanos. vanessa con los detalles. >> este es el salÓn de la maestra pimienta con 30 niÑos en su sala exigen de energÍa pero hay un grupo de niÑos que necesitan mÁs atenciÓn >> los niÑos hiper activos algunas veces son muy inquietos y se tienen que parar el tiempo entero en la clase, algunos son, le gusta hablar alto otros no paran de hablar. >> el comportamiento se conoce como dÉficit de atenciÓn e hiper actividad <.> >> otros niÑos que no escuchan, son desimpulsivos. >> analizaron el rÉcord de mÁs de 800.000 niÑos. revelaron que el caso de niÑos aumentÓ en los Últimos 10 aÑos. >> la psicÓlogo aseguro que se sabe mÁs sobre el desorden. >> hay mÁs maestras, mas personas educadas
, arizona. >> jon: if i'm not mistaken, i believe [bleep] you arizona is the state motto of nevada. >> i didn't know that. very interesting, jon. very informative, thank you, jon. look, jon, if we are to believe the pundits, martin luther king would be in only pro-life pro gun to occupy wall street rallies. remember occupy wall street? >> jon: sort of. if martin luther king were alive today he would be here standing with these folks >> if only those occupy folks could have had a living, breathing civil lenl end there with them. oh, wait. they did. john lewis m.l.a.k.'s still alive friend and colleague was right there. hmmm. how did that go? >> congressman and civil rights icon john lewis showed up but they refused to let him speak. >> in which no singular human being >> in which no singular human being is inherently more valuable than any other human being. >> jon: i don't know what to say i'm shocked, jon. they missed a great chance to ask him what martin luther king would think of their movement. we can make king endorse whatever we want. have you seen the commercial are hologram m.l.k
, particularly golfers and nevada a tennessee and washington where there is no state tax. melissa: they need warm weather to play golf year-round. a lot of places that would treat them a lot better. you mentioned texas and florida. one of the things he said strike as nerve with a lot of people he happens to be in a zone targeted both federally and by the state. you know it doesn't work for me right now. i am going to have to make some changes. as people see their federal tax rate go up. you can't do anything about that unless you are willing to leave the country and renounce your citizenship. you have to take a big step. we saw folks on facebook going public, some of those folks talking about leaving going to singapore. when you look at professional athlete, the one thing they do have control over what state they live in. and i wonder if you think, for example when someone is getting drafted and they're deciding do i want to play for 49ers or play for a team in florida or texas? you've been in the sports business for a long time. do you think that people would make decisions about what team they
block a fast track lane. kristen and eric? >> we will keep an eye on that. authorities in nevada could identify the 20 year police veteran accused of killing his wife and child before taking his life in boulder city 20 miles southeast of las vegas. police responded to a home early in the morning after a man called 9-1-1 and claimed he killed his wife and child. officers found the home on fire and a man at the door with a gun to his head. he later killed himself. no motive is revealed. >> ahead consume reports and 7 on your side look at common complaints of canned food but more fallout following the tragedy in connecticut, a company will though longer offer >> santa clara, san francisco, east bay, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> welcome back. check out the wall of water sitting to the west of us. that is how strong the area of high pressure is which we see the form of high clouds. it has kept of us from 32 inland to 40's, low-to-mid 60's through the afternoon, with filtered sunshine and in the mid-to-upper 40's around 7:00. it will be dry today. rain in the forecast in three
for the university of nevada. he said he is happy they are in the super bowl. >> it makes more sense to me with the super bowl and you know puts more money in my pocket. >> most of his tattoos have a religious meaning and he has a lot of tattoos he puts a lot of thought into before getting them. >> video from last week shows the turkey picking at the tires of a moving car. crews brought the turkey and released it into the wild and after getting used to the new surroundings, the turkey joined up with other turkeys. hey, sal, checking on the peninsular? >> i told you about a crash on 101 so if you are driving on the bay shore freeway let's say you are coming from san mateo trying to get to the airport, it's right there and you may want to think about using 280 instead as you drive to the peninsular. let's talk about the sunole grade, 880 looks good as you drive pass -- past mission boulevard san we will check that next after there was a stall but the backup is getting bigger, let's go to steve. >> mostly clear and some higher clouds will begin to work their way in and temperatures are cold b
is seeing a big increase in work and he did his tattoo work when he played for the university of nevada. >> i didn't expect it would be this big, you know. >> most of his tattoos have a religious meaning and he thought about it before getting them. >>> the number of new cases of attention deficit hyperaction and that's from a study of nearly 800,000 kids in southern california. about half have adhd and white high income families are the ones with that diagnosis. >>> they are providing bikes to leave in the station and the first will start this summer with stations in san francisco, palo alto, redwood city and mountain view. i think it looks pretty good and as a matter of fact if you are looking at 280 and 101 and 85, i know a lot of people like to get on the road early, looking very nice getting all the way to the cupertino area or sunny veil or looking at the drive time here between highway 380 and 92 and 101. this is about 8 minutes if you are driving at the immediate him wet, across the bay, and over to interstate 880, let's go to steve. >>> we have still 30s for lows and today a few
and would not -- >> neil: that has been nevada for a lot of californians. there has been a money flight from california for sometime now. mickelson put a face to it. he has dialed that back, checking in with sponsors who didn't share that view. or maybe he wasn't supposed to. but he dialed it back. and sarkozy has his own tax issues and there may be more to the story than it would appear. but he follows the french actor who wants to go to russia and others of means, in the case of maryland, saying they were going to see a surtax on millionaires that was more than millionaire, the government didn't see the revenue its anticipated and all but rescind t.d what are we to glean from all of this isn't lesson from all of this? >> it is separated from the personalities. anybody with that high of a public profile has to be very careful about what they say. i live in a world of fellow entrepreneurs, i can tell you. i hear from those guys in california all the time. what are they doing to us? and another aspect to this that i think is missing. i don't think that entrepreneurs or successful people would
, kaepernick was his canvas since 2008 at the university of nevada wolf pack. his customer base has grown dramatically. >> i was amazed. i didn't really expect it was going to be this big, you know? >> well, it's big. he said he's aware the novelty won't last forever so he's eating it up. >> i guess. i don't know, elizabeth. what do you think? shall we get a tattoo? >> we already do have tattoos, right? >> wow! >>> let's go outside, live to show you. i'm blushing. 101 near the trimbel exit, overnight road work. we had reports of a stall. we'll get to that. meantime, otherwise let's go live towards the san mateo. great out of heyward, coming eastbound, both directions moving at the limit. bridge traffic still quiet so far. elsewhere we have more live traffic cameras around the bay area, here is another one in the east bay. westbound 580, all the headlights, still a 15-minute drive time coming through the altamonte pass towards the dublin interchange. let's go to a map, we're watching different incidents. just got word from chp, they cleared thi
had kaepernick as a canvas since 2008 when he played for the university of nevada. adrian's customer base has grown with kaepernick's success. >> i was surprised. i was amazed by it. i didn't really expect it was going to be this big, you know? >> adrian is fully aware of the novelty not lasting forever but for now he has the customers coming in. >>> the warriors face one of the best teams, can they overcome the clippers again? and how the harbaugh brothers are handling their sibling rivalry. >>> and another 49'er fan photo, who says you have to be human to be a fan? amy said her puppy is all ready for the big game. keep your fan pictures coming in. send them to jwwñ the harbaugh brothers and their teams.. >>> welcome back. the super bowl will be a family affair this year, a battle between the harbaugh brothers and their teams. if you believe jim harbaugh, he has not spoken to brother john since the niners beat the falcons. >> doesn't matter who the coach is, or, you know, what relationship you have with somebody on t
about the job ahead. it had been a 12-hour trip from reno, nevada, to stand in the january cold. matt irwin and john were glad they did it. any particular part of the speech stick out for you? >> i think kind of just his message of inclusiveness. i think it was just fantastic. >> i would agree. not excluding anybody based on, you know, race, orientation. all the above i would say. it was great to be a part of actually history. not just watching it on tv. but being there in person. a lot stronger emotions behind it, i guess >> suarez: even though it's a lot easier and you could have had a nice, warm drink and you wouldn't have had to travel 12 hours, just standing on the mall with all these people, that made it... made the experience for you? >> definitely. you can't compare it to sitting at home on the couch. i mean, you might be more comfortable but at the same time you're not there to experience it. it's all about the experience >> suarez: getting a huge crowd here is only half the job. minutes after the president and vice president left the west front of the capitol, half a million
. >>> police in boulder city, nevada say a police officer shot and killed his wife and young son before taking his own wife. he set his house on fire shortly before the gunfire yesterday morning. the man's wife was a former police officer. so far no word on what led up to that violence. >>> 49ers fans are counting down the 12 days until super bowl sunday. the san francisco police are also doing the same thing getting ready for the big game. they arrested a dozen rowdy fans in the mission district after the 9ers victory on sunday. and there could be a lot more trouble and an even bigger game that will end after dark. >> when it is at nighttime, people tend to drink a little bit more. >> it's in the worth at this time to ensure that we cover all of the base sees. >> police are studying tapes of the riots after the world series when the giants won. >>> sheriff deputies are checking surveillance video in alameda county in a car lot in which a dozen cars were stolen. here's the video. investigators say three burglars kicked in the door of auto world on mission boulevard early monday morning. they s
and arizona, florida and nevada were problematic and that brings it way down and then i thought the housing market was getting better and went from 289 to 315. doesn't hook that great. you said it's a bargain and bring it back down to 289. stuart: i'm saying nothing. it's-- >> and someone gave me a house to squeeze when-- >> believe me, you're going to be surprised at this one. >> and laugh at me later? no laughing at nicole later. stuart: we will not do any laughing. i promise you that. back to you in a moment. time is money, 30 seconds, here is what we've got for you. we talk a lot about the americans with disabilities act being fodder for lawyers and now people with food allergies can sue under that law. the judge will be here to weigh in on the subject at the top of this hour coming out. and if you saw the nfl playoffs this weekend, you couldn't miss all of the commercial for violent, shoot-em-up movies and we'll ask the author of "hollywood hipocrits" why the movie industry gets a free pass on gun control. and one family orchestrates an elaborate 70 million dollar scam, perhaps too ela
by leaving the state and going to texas, florida, nevada, wyoming, one of the states that don't collect state taxes. there is a bigger issue here as well and i think we'll start seeing this with a lot of athletes. it's very popular to come and play for the san francisco 49ers or the los angeles lakers, but at 13.3% i think you'll see a lot more people considering florida, considering texas, considering tennessee, there is a new team going to be going up to seattle, the state of washington now in the mba. i think you'll see some of the athletes with salary caps avoiding the state because they can get a 13.8% raise by not playing here. bill: you may be dead right about that. that would be remarkable too. that goes into the busy digs of signing a contract. phil will be out playing this week and the suggestion to the statement is that he might add a little more to this. we'll see if that is the case throughout the week here. it's always good to have you on, jim gray out of california. >> appreciate it. thank you. martha: while we've been talking this morning the president and the first lady and t
ship? why doesn't he just cross the state line, go into nevada, why doesn't he go to texas? texas has no state income tax, if he did that he'd be saving himself 13.3% of everything he makes over a million dollars. that's a lot of money. >> alisyn: he has since backed off his comments as you said people came done on him for talking about this he says now he doesn't have a quote, definitive plan and his apology says he should not have spokesen out about taxes, his income it's a very personal thing. >> hold on he apologized to people that he upset or offended. since when has had an american with talent, brains, drive, ambition, makes good, why should you apologize for making money? why should you apologize for complaining that the government is taking two-thirds of your income? i just don't think that's legit. >> alisyn: it's so interesting, stu, because again, during the presidential election, the real debate between mitt romney and barack obama was that the rich should pay their fair share, it was time for the rich to pay their fair share and they should pay 39%, and this is the perfec
Search Results 0 to 22 of about 23 (some duplicates have been removed)